From The Archives Of Something Blue December 5, 2021

From The Archives Of Something Blue December 5, 2021

1. DJ Hairy Larry presents Caprice
2. Something Blue – Tweezer – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today I’m going to play an original blues that was named for me!

Caprice was a great jazz band made up of musicians who were also students in the ASU jazz program. Tim Moore, Brandon Moore, and Matt Bounds came to ASU from Southern Missouri. Alex Ditto and Addison Boling are both from Arkansas. When they got together to play and write jazz I knew something special was happening and I did my best to record their recitals and other live performances. So when they asked if I would record an album for them at HairyLarryLand I looked forward to the opportunity.

The band was very disciplined and came to every session prepared. This kept the sessions short and post production under control. It’s still a lot of work recording an entire album and I was determined that all of the musicians involved would be happy with their performances and with the band sound.

They played all originals written by Tim Moore and Brandon Moore. The songs speak for themselves and have been played often on Something Blue and Arkansas Roots. To show his appreciation to me for helping the band, Brandon wrote “Blues For Larry”. So that’s how I ended up with a jazz song with my name in the title that was actually written for me.

So now, here’s Caprice playing “Blues For Larry” from their album “From Dawn Til Dusk”.


And that’s Caprice playing “Blues For Larry”, a song Brandon Moore wrote for me. Don’t miss Something Blue Saturday night at 10:00 to hear more Caprice, Charlie Hunter, and Jazz Is Phish.

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