July 30, 2011 at 10:00 PM CST

This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’ll hear The Rhythm Devils and Lubriphonic.

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Something Blue – Lubriphonic

Rhythm Devils – Cumberland Blues->

Welcome to Something Blue. I’m Hairy Larry and I’ve got the Blues, for you.

Rhythm Devils – US Blues

All right now, we’re listening to the Rhythm Devils recorded live on September 11, 2010 at the Higher Ground Ballroom in South Burlington, Vermont. We heard “Cumberland Blues” and “US Blues”.

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Coming right up more Rhythm Devils from this great show. Here’s “Hey Bo Diddley” and “New Speedway Boogie”.

Rhythm Devils – Hey Bo Diddley
Rhythm Devils – New Speedway Boogie


Lubriphonic – Track Eight – Chalk Train

Lubriphonic – Track Nine – Killing Floor

Now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s Lubriphonic recorded live at the All Good Music Festival in Masontown, West Virginia, on July 16, 2011. We heard a Blues standard, “Killing Floor” and before that “Chalk Train”.

Lubriphonic is from Chicago. They blend Blues, Funk, Rock, and Jazz into their own thing. Listen to this funky instrumental now as they channel James Brown.

Lubriphonic – Track Ten – a funky instrumental

Oh yeah, listen to that funk. It’s Lubriphonic just getting it. Great horn work and a really unique sound. You can tell they love to play.

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Lubriphonic is at Check them out. They are inventing the new Blues as we listen. I’ve got two more songs from their show at the All Good Music Festival. Here’s “Whiskey and Chicken Wings” and “We All Fall Down”. Until next time this is Hairy Larry reminding you once again, Blues is the mainstream.

Lubriphonic – Track Eleven – Whiskey and Chicken Wings

Lubriphonic – Track Twelve – We All Fall Down


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Rhythm Devils Live at Higher Ground Ballroom on September 11, 2010

LubriphonicLubriphonic Live at All Good Music Festival on July 16, 2011

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