Something Blue – Heroes – April 4, 2020

This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’re featuring Ben Gibbard, Cris Jacobs, Jupiter Coyote, and Mike Mizwinski. For more about the show visit the Something Blue website at sbblues.com.

Mike Mizwinski Live at Mom’s House on 2020-03-29

Cris Jacobs Live at Couch Tour #2 on 2020-03-24

Jupiter Coyote Live at Home Studio on 2020-03-21

Ben Gibbard Live at Living Room on 2020-03-17

Ben Gibbard, We Will Become Silhouettes

Welcome to Something Blue, I’m Hairy Larry and I’ve got the blues, for you.

Cris Jacobs, The Devil or Jesse James
Jupiter Coyote, Swamp Funk

Now that’s what I’m talking about, Jupiter Coyote with “Swamp Funk”. Jupiter Coyote was recorded live at their home studio on March 21, 2020.

Before that we heard Ben Gibbard sing “We Will Become Silhouettes” and Cris Jacobs did “The Devil or Jesse James”.

Because of the pandemic musicians are not performing in public. So they have been entertaining their audience with livestream concerts from their homes. All of the songs I’m playing tonight are from livestreams, shutins playing for shutins. We’ve got to have our music.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the internet at kasu.org.

I’m Hairy Larry, host of Something Blue. Visit the Something Blue website at sbblues.com to listen anytime.

Mike Mizwinski was recorded live at Mom’s House on March 29, 2020. Here he is now singing “Heroes” and “Give Me Love”. Then we will heard Jupiter Coyote do the Gordon Lightfoot song, “Sundown”.

Mike Mizwinski, Heroes
Mike Mizwinski, Give Me Love
Jupiter Coyote, Sundown

Cris Jacobs, New Speedway Boogie
Mike Mizwinski, Six Ways From Sunday
Ben Gibbard, Crooked Teeth
Ben Gibbard, Cath

Ben Gibbard was recorded live in his living room on March 17, 2020. That was “Crooked Teeth” and “Cath”. Before that we heard Cris Jacobs do “New Speedway Boogie” and Mike Mizwinski sang “Six Ways From Sunday”.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the internet at kasu.org.

I’m Hairy Larry, host of Something Blue. Thanks to the Live Music Archive at archive.org for hosting the concerts we’re hearing tonight.

Cris Jacobs was recorded live at Couch Tour #2 on March 24, 2020. Here he is now singing “Hard Times”. Then closing the show Jupiter Coyote will do “Cindi”. Until next time this is Hairy Larry reminding you once again, blues is the mainstream.

Cris Jacobs, Hard Times
Jupiter Coyote, Cindi

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