Something Blue – Reverse – July 4, 2020

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night at ten. This week we’re featuring Kendra Morris, Felix Pastorius,
Kung Fu, and DJ Logic. For more about the show visit the Something Blue
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Felix Pastorius & Social Experiment 2020-01-17

Kendra Morris 2020-01-17

Kung Fu Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 2020-01-17

DJ Logic Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 2020-01-17

Kendra Morris, Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Welcome to Something Blue. I’m Hairy Larry and I’ve got the blues, for

Kendra Morris, Banshee

On January 17, 2020 there was a Winter JazzFest at the Brooklyn Bowl.
Opening the show was Kendra Morris and we just heard two songs she sang
at the JazzFest, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and “Banshee”. She has an
amazing powerful voice and she knows how to use it.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the
internet at

I’m Hairy Larry, host of Something Blue. Visit the Something Blue
website at to listen anytime and for clickable links to
more about the featured musicians. There’s no music like live music and
there is something special about a Jazz Festival. All the songs tonight
were recorded at Winter JazzFest.

Next up on the schedule was Felix Pastorius & Social Experiment. Felix
follows in his father’s footsteps with his virtuosic electric bass
performances. He is also a YouTube personality, teaching bass and
discussing music, and a former member of the Yellowjackets. Here he is
now playing “Reverse Bob Moses” and “Butter Biscuit”.

Felix Pastorius & Social Experiment, Reverse Bob Moses
Felix Pastorius & Social Experiment, Butter Biscuit

Kendra Morris, Cry Sometimes
Kung Fu, Sfvendago

All right now, that was Kendra Morris singing “Cry Sometimes” followed
by Kung Fu playing “Svendago”. Kung Fu was the third act to perform at
Winter JazzFest on January 17, 2020. They draw from a deep well of
jazz, rock, blues, and funk delivering their music with enormous energy.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the
internet at

I’m Hairy Larry, host of Something Blue. Thanks to the Live Music
Archive at for hosting the concerts we’re hearing tonight.

Coming right up we’ll hear Kung Fu play the jazz standard “Birdland”
followed by DJ Logic and Friends featuring Billy Martin and Shanir
Blumenkraz. Besides leading his own band DJ Logic is a frequent
collaborator playing with all the top names in jazz, blues, rock,
and hip-hop. He closed the show at Winter JazzFest and closing our show
tonight he’ll play Improv 6. Until next time this is Hairy Larry
reminding you once again, blues is the mainstream.

Kung Fu, Birdland
DJ Logic & Friends, Improv 6

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