From The Archive January 3, 2021 – Joe Lee and Friends – “Boppin’ At The Forest”

Thanks Marty, the song I picked this week hits on so many levels I just had to play it for Arkansas Roots.

I had worked with Joe Lee on several projects using master tapes he had recorded at Alley so when he asked me to work on a recording project with him I was all in. He had a folio or band book from when he had a touring band and he wanted to get some of the arrangements down on tape. Of course this was in the early days of digital recording so I actually went direct to computer.

The songs in his book were jazz standards. He had also written a song he called “Boppin’ At The Forest” because he loved playing at Blues Fest in Craighead Forest Park. He told me the song was based on a warmup riff he liked to play before a show.

Musicians on the song are Joe Lee, tenor sax; Dru Davison, bari sax; Craig Baker, trumpet; Joy Sanford, piano; Tom Mason, bass; and Mike Overall, drums. We set up the new Alley Studio in Joe’s house and recorded 14 songs, a fantastic album. Now here’s the title track, “Boppin’ At The Forest”.


And that’s “Boppin’ At The Forest” written by Joe Lee and recorded by Joe Lee and Friends for Joe’s “Boppin’ At The Forest album.

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