From The Archive January 31, 2021 – NJHB – “Monkey Walk”

Thanks Marty, I’m playing some Zappa songs Saturday and the closest thing I could find in the archives was NJHB live at Blues Fest.

2013 was a great year for NJHB, the New Jazz House Band. We released 9 albums and then we played at my Senior Recital. On September 8 we recorded “Live At Blues Fest” and I picked one of my songs, “Monkey Walk”, for this week’s From The Archives Of Something Blue.

In solo order we’ll hear Don Bowyer, trombone; James Carvell, guitar; Mike “Zif” Lovell, guitar; Hairy Larry, piano; George Hinds, bass; and Carl Abraham, drums. I also play a little harmonica at the end trading off with James Carvell playing guitar through his talk box.

We were all living in Northeast Arkansas at the time. Most of us attended ASU and Don Bowyer was the Dean of Fine Arts.

There is another special connection to KASU I’d like to point out. James Carvell’s father, Richard Carvell, was on the faculty at ASU and for a couple of years he was Station Manager at KASU.

Ok now, here’s the music, NJHB doing “Monkey Walk”.


And that’s NJHB playing my song, “Monkey Walk”, recorded live at Blues Fest on September 8, 2013. In keeping with the Zappa influence I threw in a bit of Captain Beefheart style harmonica there at the end.

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