From The Archive May 30, 2021 – Hairy Larry – “Knockin Boots”

Thanks Marty, I’m playing some new jazz releases on Something Blue this week so I decided to play a recent recording from the HairyLarryLand twitch studio on From The Archives Of Something Blue.

My daughter, Megan, is into indie games and when she started a twitch stream I was fascinated. I decided to start my own stream called Hairy Larry Practicing Piano and I scheduled it three times a week at 3:00 PM Central on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

There’s a whole world out there live streaming and it’s a creative and technical challenge to equip a studio and put together the content for a stream. I am writing a series of articles called Setting Up A Twitch Stream at One of my first decisions was to do all original songs to avoid copyright issues and to keep the creative juices flowing writing new material for the stream. I program my songs into iReal Pro so that my tablet can play the backing tracks.

I also excerpt videos from the stream and post them on my video website, so you can watch me playing this if you wish. I used VLC to convert the video into a wav file for playing on the radio.

The song I picked for today I wrote several years ago for the Jazz Recital Band at ASU. I recorded it on May 27, 2021, just last week. Here I am now doing my own song, “Knockin Boots”.


And that’s my song, “Knockin Boots”, recorded May 27, 2021 at the HairyLarryLand twitch studio.

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