From The Archive June 13, 2021 – Bebop Beatniks – “It Could Happen To You”

Thanks Marty. This week on From the Archives of Something Blue we’re hearing Bebop Beatniks recorded at the Delta Jazz Workshop.

The Delta Jazz Workshop is a week long summer jazz clinic available to any musician who wants to attend but it’s mostly Arkansas high school students who might be interested in continuing their music studies at ASU. Besides playing music all day the students also get to listen to live jazz every night. It has been my pleasure to bring Bebop Beatniks to play on Wednesday nights for several years.

On July 10, 2019, we had a special performance since we were joined by Bebop Beatniks alumnus, Kevin Tinker, trumpet, and Emily Lindley, vibes, as well as guest clinicians Michael McGowan, sax, and Jay Shepherd, guitar.

Bebop Beatniks are Jeremy Jackson, bass; Alex Washam, drums; and Hairy Larry, piano and vocals. So it was a Septet with two horns in front and an enlarged rhythm section.

Playing with these great musicians for a jazz audience was a fantastic experience.

Recorded right here at ASU on July 10, 2019, here’s Bebop Beatniks playing the jazz standard “It Could Happen To You”.


And that’s Bebop Beatniks playing “It Could Happen To You” at the Delta Jazz Workshop on July 10, 2019.

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