From The Archive September 12, 2021 – Ken Carroll Trio – “Recordame”

Playing for the luncheon were Ken Carroll on EWI; Dave Eckert, bass; Chris Isom, drums; and I’m on piano. EWI is short for Electronic Wind Instrument which is like a synthesizer for horn players.

It was pouring rain when we were unloading, always a good omen. We got set up early and then came the hardest part of any gig, waiting. Once we started though, everything was fine, everyone was dressed nice and we were all tucked away in our little corner, safe from the storm.

We played a few introductory numbers and took a short break while United Voices sang grace. Then we played a set while everyone ate giving the recordings true jazz club ambience with the audience partying in the background.

I recorded the set and we did exceptionally well on the Joe Henderson song, “Recordame”. We played the same song in February at the Public Library Round Room with Gabe Waters on bass and Joseph Curtis, trumpet. That version will be on this week’s Something Blue show.

And now, featuring Ken Carroll on EWI, playing for Alpha Kappa Alpha at the Cooper Alumni Center on March 2, 2019, here’s The Ken Carroll Quartet with “Recordame”.

Concert link –

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