From The Archives Of Something Blue October 31, 2021

Thanks Marty. Today we’ll hear some chill jazz piano recorded at the HairyLarryLand Twitch Studio.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love live music, both from in the audience and from on stage. The last couple of years have been hard for musicians and the thing I missed most was gigging.

Then my daughter, Megan, started a twitch stream and I got interested in what twitch offered to musicians as well as to gamers. So I set up a twitch studio and I started playing live on twitch, three days a week.

Then my granddaughter, Liz, started streaming games too, so now we have three generations of twitch streamers in the family.

Now twitch streamers tend to fall into two camps, high energy and chill. Of course, there’s everything in between and not just music and gaming either. But my stream is chill jazz piano.

I built my book by writing new pieces and selecting some gems from the past and I now have fifteen songs in my stream repertoire. I am taking a jazz arranging lesson at ASU this fall, working on horn parts for these fifteen songs. So, when the delta variant wanes, and we are once again able to safely stream from the twitch porch, I will be ready for the horn players.

As I was setting up my studio I started writing blog posts about it and that project kept getting bigger and now I have just a few chapters left to write in my book, “Setting Up A Twitch Studio, Using Tech Creatively”. When the book is done it will be available for free download as a pdf on the internet. The blog posts are available now.

I’ve always been a day job musician playing out several times a month. I recommend this to musicians who want to play for the joy of it without having to make a living from music. But now, thanks to the internet, I can gig three days a week and never leave the house.

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Ok now, here I am playing a song I wrote in 2018 and recorded just last week, “Blue Goose”. (scroll down)


And that was “Blue Goose” recorded in the HairyLarryLand Twitch Studio on October 28, 2021. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear me play more chill jazz piano as well as new compositions by Ambrose Akinmusire and Dylan Hughes.

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