From The Archives Of Something Blue November 21, 2021

Thanks Marty. Today we’re going to hear one of the most popular jazz songs of all time played at KASU Jazz Thursday.

I worked with Mike Overall, Tom Mason, Joy Sanford, and Craig Baker on the Joe Lee “Boppin At The Forest” album. They also play in Giant Steps, a Jonesboro area jazz band. They usually add a sax and Craig Baker couldn’t have done better than calling on Michael McGowan. Craig knew McGowan since the eighties when they both played in the Jonesboro Jazz Society Big Band.

These musicians are all good friends of mine from Blues Fest to the Delta Jazz Workshop. I even got to play bass with Giant Steps one night in downtown Jonesboro when Tom Mason couldn’t make it.

So of course, I booked them into KASU Jazz Thursday and of course, they played a great show. We presented them on May 23, 2013, at TheArts@311.

So now, here’s Giant Steps, recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday, playing “Autumn Leaves”.


And that’s Giant Steps playing the jazz standard, “Autumn Leaves”, recorded May 23, 2013, at KASU Jazz Thursday. Don’t miss Something Blue Saturday night at 10:00 to hear Johannes Wallman, Alex Hitchcock, and Francesco Ciniglio.

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