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DJ Hairy Larry presents Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians playing “Blues For Peace”.

1. DJ Hairy Larry Presents Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians
2. Something Blue – Guess – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to play one of my original songs recorded by my family band, Hairy Larry and the Flying Hungarians.

My friend, Mike ‘Whisker Fish’ Dollins, sent me an over the top press release for his appearance at our festival May 20, 2007. He said the stars are all in align and we’re all gonna kick it out and jam some twelve bar boogie at 3:00 pm May 20 and it may even bring peace on earth.

So that inspired me to write “Blues For Peace”.

This was during a time when I was producing a lot of Youtube videos so I got my daughter Megan and my friend Randy Gambill to help me make a video. We found a nice place in the front yard with pine trees in the background and about 15 minutes later the video was in the can. I had it up on Youtube the same day.

Some guys in Israel were starting a website,, and they asked my permission to use my song on their homepage. Of course, I said yes and yay hooray, it’s another international hit for Hairy Larry.

Featured on the studio version of the song are Hairy Larry – guitars, harmonica, percussion, and vocals; Randy Gambill – drums and vocals; Carl Heyl – bass; and Megan Heyl – percussion and vocals.

Kier Heyl played drums on the rest of the album. We all live in Northeast Arkansas.

Unfortunately the song has become pertinent once again. In the liner notes I wrote “We all mean it when we sing “Blues For Peace” and we hope and pray that this small statement has some effect.”

So now, recorded in 2008, here’s Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians singing “Blues For Peace”.

“Blues For Peace” Video

“Blues For Peace” CD

“Blues For Peace” on thanks to the Wayback Machine


And that’s the title track on the Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians studio album, “Blues For Peace”. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00 to hear John Mayer and Dead & Company.

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