From The Archives Of Something Blue April 17, 2022

From The Archives Of Something Blue April 17, 2022

DJ Hairy Larry presents NJHB playing “Neo Soul Jam #1”.

01. DJ Hairy Larry Presents NJHB
02. Something Blue – Heart – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today we’re hearing some Neo Soul recorded at the Jonesboro Public Library.

New Jazz In Jonesboro moved to the Round Room where we played three seasons in 2018 and 2019. Our first show at the library was on September 1, 2018. NJHB plays all original songs and Joseph Curtis brought in a great new chart called “Neo Soul Jam #1”.

Playing on the song were Joseph Curtis – trumpet, Hunter Durham – trumpet, David Hall – woodwinds, Emily Lindley – vibes, Tyler Worsham – piano, Alex Washam – drums, and Hairy Larry – bass. Every one of us took jazz at ASU and we’re all from Northeast Arkansas.

There were no rehearsals. Joseph brought the chart in and we put it up on the music stands and played it. In true NJHB tradition we improvised the arrangement, not just the solos. Improvisation is the core of jazz musicianship and sometimes when something is new and exciting the musicians step up and deliver. And, as you will hear, that’s exactly what happened.

Now, recorded on September 1, 2018, here’s the Joseph Curtis song, “Neo Soul Jam #1”.


And that’s “Neo Soul Jam #1” by Joseph Curtis, recorded by NJHB on September 1, 2018. Don’t miss Something Blue Saturday night at 10:00 to hear more NJHB, Fred Hersch, and Ahmad Jamal.

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