DJ Hairy Larry presents Billy Lee Riley playing “How Come We All Ain’t Got The Same”.

From The Archives Of Something Blue July 31, 2022

DJ Hairy Larry presents Billy Lee Riley playing “How Come We All Ain’t Got The Same”.

01. DJ Hairy Larry Presents Billy Lee Riley
02. Something Blue – Kid – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today we’re hearing some original delta blues recorded right here in Jonesboro.

Billy Lee Riley was a true Arkansas legend, starting his career at Sun Studio in the fifties and making more hits and playing on other people’s hits in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Then in the nineties he had two hit blues albums, “Hot Damn!” and “Shade Tree Blues”. So I was more than pleased when he agreed to play at the 5 Decades Of Great Music fundraiser for the Craighead Forest Bandshell on May 25, 2000.

Besides Billy Lee Riley we also featured delta legends Joe Lee and Matt Lucas who also had 5 decades under their belt. Joe Lee played a jazz set, then Billy Lee Riley played the blues. We had an Allstar band where I got to play with all three of them. And then Matt Lucas took us home with a contemporary rockabilly act, Crossfire, and Billy Lee Riley hit the stage again singing his classic rock and roll recorded at Sun in the fifties.

It was a great show and everybody had a real good time. Today we’re going to hear a Billy Lee Riley original, recorded at 5 Decades Of Great Music, called “How Come We All Ain’t Got The Same”. So here’s Billy Lee Riley now introducing his own song.


And that’s Billy Lee Riley, singing his own blues, “How Come We All Ain’t Got The Same”, recorded right here in Jonesboro on May 25, 2000. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, for more Billy Lee Riley, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Mike Mizwinski.

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