DJ Hairy Larry presents the Over The Hill Gang playing “Basin Street Blues”

From The Archives Of Something Blue August 21, 2022

DJ Hairy Larry presents the Over The Hill Gang playing “Basin Street Blues”

01. DJ Hairy Larry Presents the Over The Hill Gang at KASU Jazz Thursday

02. Something Blue – Lover Man – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear some classic jazz recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday.

The Over The Hill Gang performed around Jonesboro for many years. Their repertoire included Dixieland, Ragtime, Swing, Blues, and Gospel. I knew some of the musicians in the band and I thought they would be a good fit for Jazz Thursday.

So on July 28, 2011, they played for us at Bellaz restaurant right here in Jonesboro and they gave us a great show playing songs like “Sweet Georgia Brown”, “All Of Me”, “God Bless The Child”, and “Georgia”.

The featured musicians were Tom Mason – clarinet, John Barttelt – trumpet, Neale Bartee – trombone, Harriet O’Neal – piano, Day Arnoult – vocals, Craig Collison – drums, Bill Keisker – bass, and Mike Bridges – guitar. All very fine musicians who brought a spirit of jazz history to their show.

Harriet was my piano teacher. Three times. I took lessons from her for several years when I first came to ASU. Then I took private lessons from her when I returned to complete my music education. And then once again she was my ASU piano instructor when she returned to teach. After that I continued visiting her several times a year until the lockdown and she always asked me to play. She passed on when she was 85 years old. I still love her and I miss her.

Harriet’s daughter, Day Arnault, sang with the Over The Hill Gang at this concert. I picked an instrumental number to play today which means I can return to this concert on a future podcast to feature Day singing.

So now, recorded on July 28, 2011, at KASU Jazz Thursday, here’s the Over The Hill Gang playing “Basin Street Blues”.


And that’s the Over the Hill Gang playing “Basin Street Blues” at KASU Jazz Thursday. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear Sarah Vaughn, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Parker.

Enjoy last weeks show, Amber here.


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