DJ Hairy Larry Presents Jay Shepherd Playing Freddie The Freeloader

DJ Hairy Larry Presents Jay Shepherd Playing Freddie The Freeloader
From The Archives Of Something Blue January 22, 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear a Miles Davis blues performed at A-State Delta Jazz Workshop.

Jay Shepherd and Shugga Shane were regulars at Blues Fest so I already knew Jay when we were taking Jazz Improv together at ASU. He also played with Bebop Beatniks quite a bit and he is a featured soloist on our new live album, “Church”.

On July 12, 2016, I recorded Jay’s band at the Delta Jazz Workshop evening concert held in the Fine Arts Recital Hall. They played a great set of jazz standards ranging from swing to fusion and they closed with “Freddie Freeloader”, a song from the Mile’s Davis album, “Kind Of Blue”.

Playing on the song we will hear Jay Shepherd on guitar; Shane Chastain, piano; Terrell Montgomery, bass, and Keyven Dunn, drums, all fine outstanding Northeast Arkansas musicians.

So now, recorded right here at ASU on July 12, 2016, here’s Jay Shepherd playing “Freddie Freeloader”.


And that’s Jay Shepherd playing “Freddie Freeloader” at the Delta Jazz Workshop on July 12, 2016. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, for more blues, jazz, and rock from Doctor Deathray, Mosey Beat, and Zero.

311 – Roseland Theater – August 16th, 2016
Photography by Jordan Inglee

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