DJ Hairy Larry Presents The Steve Davis Trio Playing Stella By Starlight

From The Archives Of Something Blue February 19 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear a jazz standard recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday.

I played with Matt Jackson in NJHB. He’s a fine bass player who’s in demand, playing with many musicians. He told me about a band he played in, the Steve Davis Trio, and after we adjusted our schedule a little we found a date when they could play.

Steve Davis plays guitar. Matt’s on bass and rounding out the trio is Michael Cates on drums. They work well together delivering a tight sound on jazz standards, pretty much playing all my favorite songs. At the top of that list is “Stella By Starlight”, a fantastic ballad.

Their Arkansas Roots come from Kennett, Missouri, just four miles across the state line, in the bootheel.

Matt Jackson, Michael Cates, and Steve Davis are all from Kennett. Matt attended school at ASU where he played in Tom O’Connor’s big band. Of course Matt also performed regularly in Jonesboro with NJHB and they all played at KASU Jazz Thursday.

Both Matt and Michael play solos on this recording so you get to hear everyone solo.

Now here’s the Steve Davis Trio, recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday on February 28, 2013, playing “Stella By Starlight”.


And that’s the Steve Davis Trio playing “Stella By Starlight” at KASU Jazz Thursday. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear Jazz Is Dead and Bela Fleck.

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