DJ Hairy Larry Presents Lisa Ahia Singing This Masquerade

From The Archives Of Something Blue March 26, 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear Lisa Ahia sing a Leon Russell song.

After I went back to school I spent a lot of time playing jazz and listening to local jazz musicians. I decided to do an ASU Jazz Festival, Bebopalooza!, on campus and featuring some great jazz by ASU students, alumni, and faculty.

With my close ties to KASU I wanted the station involved too and they were glad to help, both with promotion and then with booking some of the bands.

On October 15, 2011, we had Bebopalooza! outside of the Student Union. Closing the festival it was Gary Gazaway and The Memphis Jazz All Stars featuring Lisa Ahia singing. They played a great set with everyone thrilled by Lisa Ahia’s vocals.

Musicians for the show included Gary Gazaway, who took his communications degree at ASU; his wife, Lisa Ahia, from Hawaii but now living in Pocahontas; David Eckert, librarian at the Jonesboro Public Library; and Joy Sanford, a Jonesboro resident who took piano at ASU and later was a prized accompanist in the Music Department.

Ok now, here’s Lisa Ahia, recorded at Bebopalooza! on October 15, 2011, singing a Leon Russell song, “This Masquerade”.


And that’s Lisa Ahia singing “This Masquerade” at KASU Bebopalooza! on October 15, 2011. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, for more Lisa Ahia, Samara Joy, AlinaHipHarp, and Nick Walters.

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