DJ Hairy Larry Presents The Jazz Writers Big Band

From The Archives Of Something Blue April 9, 2023

Thanks Marty. Today we’re hearing an original jazz composition recorded for Something Blue in Riceland Hall.

When I first came to ASU I played in Tom O’Connor’s Big Band and I took some courses from him. We stayed in touch through mutual friends and when I returned to school after I retired he was the head of the Music Department.

I took composition lessons from Dr. O’Connor and most of my music theory classes. When he and Don Bowyer started the Jazz Writers Big Band I found the whole project intriguing. The idea was to have a Big Band that played all original arrangements.

Now I’m a composition major and I write jazz pieces. I have written a few big band charts and it’s a lot of work. Now just think about an entire concert with all original arrangements. Now that is a lot of work.

I recorded the Jazz Writers Big Band on July 6, 2017, in Riceland Hall, here at ASU. They were the Monday night concert for the Delta Jazz Workshop.

One of the songs they played was a Tom O’Connor composition, “Body Art”. I liked this song so much that I made it the first track on the Jazz Writers Big Band CD. I’ll include a link to the CD on the Something Blue website at

So now here’s the Jazz Writers Big Band performing the Tom O’Connor composition, “Body Art”, right here at ASU.


And that’s the Jazz Writer’s Big Band playing the Tom O’Connor piece, “Body Art” recorded at Riceland Hall on July 6, 2017. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear the Krasno Moore Project and Vortex.

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