DJ Hairy Larry Presents John Shepherd Playing One Eyed Jack

From The Archives Of Something Blue May 7, 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear a brand new blues rock song recorded in Wynne, Arkansas.

Mr. John B. Shepherd is famous for his live blues guitar shows. I like to say, “I ain’t saying John Shepherd is better than anyone else, but there sure ain’t nobody else that plays better than him.”

John also has a studio in his basement in Wynne, Arkansas. John calls it StudioJS. We recorded some of the tracks there for our Delta Legends album, “Two Woman Blues”.

Well, this winter John got to work down in his studio and recorded a new album, “Guitar Soul”, that we are planning to release on HairyLarryLand. And from that album we’ll be hearing a pre-release version of “One Eyed Jack”. Our friend, Michael Riley, played drums on the album but on this song John used Zoom drums built into his multitrack recorder.

John is from Wynne, Arkansas. He was a regular performer at Blues Fest with his band from Wynne and he also played at The King Biscuit Blues Festival in our band, Delta Legends.

I can’t link to the new album yet because it’s still pre-release but I will post a link to “Two Woman Blues”, featuring John Shepherd, Jeremy Burnett, and Hairy Larry, on the Something Blue website at

Ok now, here’s John Shepherd playing his new song “One Eyed Jack” from his soon to be released album, “Guitar Soul”.


And that’s John Shepherd singing his new song, “One Eyed Jack”, recorded in 2023 at StudioJS in Wynne, Arkansas. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear more blues rock from Brotherhood Of Freaks and Yarn.

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