DJ Hairy Larry Presents The Common Time Quartet Playing All Of Me

From The Archives Of Something Blue May 21 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear a jazz standard played In The Loft at The Edge.

The Common Time Quartet played some cooking jazz and blues. I was happy to book them on a double bill at The Edge Coffeehouse featuring The Common Time Quartet and Bebop Beatniks.

Unfortunately their sax player, Josh Carter, couldn’t make the gig. Fortunately they got Tyler Remagen to sub. So they delivered a little bit different sound with Tyler on tenor instead of Josh’s scorching alto sax.

Playing the gig were Alex Ditto, guitar; Spencer Rawlins, bass; Chris Isom, drums; and Tyler Remagen, tenor sax, all ASU students in the jazz program at the time and all of them from Northeast Arkansas.

All of these musicians helped me with my composition recitals and at one time or another played with Bebop Beatniks. Tyler Remagen played tenor sax in Bebop Beatniks for years and is featured on both of the albums.

So now, recorded In The Loft at The Edge on May 6, 2017, here’s The Common Time Quartet playing the jazz standard, “All Of Me”.


And that’s The Common Time Quartet playing “All Of Me” In The Loft at The Edge on May 6, 2017. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, for more great jazz from Common Time, Garage A Trois, and Charlie Hunter.

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