DJ Hairy Larry Presents The Cruize Brothers Playing Born Under A Bad Sign

From The Archives Of Something Blue July 23, 2023

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear an Albert King song played at KASU Blue Monday.

When I first met Mike Dollins we were both promoting the blues on myspace. That’s right. We’re old.

Pretty soon he was contributing to Delta Boogie, keeping me up to date with the Little Rock Blues scene. Next thing you know he was coming up to Jonesboro to play at the Craighead Forest Bandshell and bringing his friends. Who soon became my friends.

I booked Hairy Larry and George in Little Rock and Mike Dollins was in the audience, enjoying the show. It was one of our best shows, too, with Suzanne and Fred joining us during the second set. I’ll include a link on the Something Blue website at

Mike Dollins plays blues and jazz guitar. Playing with Mike at Blue Monday were Guido Ciardetti, bass and Brad Messer, drums. Their band name was The Cruize Brothers.

Mike told me that Brad passed away around 2012. Guido owns Hot Springs Music. All three of them are from Arkansas.

This podcast has another tie to Arkansas Roots. The song “Born Under A Bad Sign” was first recorded and made famous by Albert King. Albert King was born in Mississippi but he grew up near Forrest City, Arkansas, where his family moved when he was eight years old. He started his music career with the Groove Boys in Osceola, Arkansas.

I always introduce “Born Under A Bad Sign” as an Albert King song, which is, of course, correct. But the lyrics to “Born Under a Bad Sign” were written by Stax Records singer William Bell with the music by Stax bandleader Booker T. Jones.

So now, here’s The Cruize Brothers, recorded for Something Blue on June 15, 2009, playing “Born Under A Bad Sign”.

The Cruize Brothers Live at Red Goose Deli on 2009-06-15

Hairy Larry and George Live at Studio Joe on 2008-03-14


And that’s The Cruize Brothers recorded on June 15, 2009 at KASU Blue Monday playing “Born Under A Bad Sign”. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, For more Cruize Brothers, John Mayer, and Marcus King.

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