DJ Hairy Larry Presents Paul Nunis Playing Kokomo Blues

From The Archives Of Something Blue 2023-08-07

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear The Bluescaster playing acoustic blues at KASU Jazz Thursday.

Paul Nunis is The Bluescaster. I met him at Blues Fest. He played so well I immediately started playing his music on Something Blue. He was also active at The Arts@311 and a regular performer in the Jazz Thursday Jam Sessions.

Later Paul was a founding member of Bebop Beatniks, playing bass in my band for years until his solo career didn’t leave him with enough time to play as a sideman. He wrote “At The Speed Of Love”, the hit on the Bebop Beatniks album, “Leaves”.

He wrote songs all the time and we often shared new material at Angie Owens’ Songwriters Workshop.

Now, about that name Bluescaster. Electric blues is often played on a Telecaster or a Stratocaster so that’s one way of looking at it.

Paul and I both read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy so that opens up another way to look at it.

He’s like a spellcaster, a bard who casts spells with his blues. That works for me because he’s a guitar wizard.

So now, recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday on June 28, 2012, here’s Paul Nunis playing “Kokomo Blues”.


And that’s Paul Nunis playing “Kokomo Blues” at KASU Jazz Thursday. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, for more music from Jazz Thursday, LaMP, and Ernie Hendrickson.

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