DJ Hairy Larry Presents Giant Steps Playing Tangerine

Thanks Marty. Today we’re going to hear a tenor sax rendition of a jazz standard recorded at KASU Jazz Thursday.

Giant Steps was a jazz combo featuring some of Jonesboro’s finest jazz musicians. The core group had Craig Baker, trumpet; Joy Sanford, piano; Tom Mason, bass; and Mike Overall, drums. Formerly known as Nightlife they played standards and they were a good dance band.

When they played for us at Jazz Thursday they brought Mike McGowan, a former resident of Jonesboro now living in Texas. As you will hear he’s fantastic on tenor sax.

On May 23, 2013, they put on a great show at TheArts@311 in downtown Jonesboro nailing tune after tune. The song I picked for today is “Tangerine”. It was a number one hit in 1942 and remains heavily covered today. We used to sing it in the Swing Band Project.

Mike McGowan is featured on “Tangerine”. I had the good luck to work with him and play music with him at the Delta Jazz Workshop. He played with Bebop Beatniks on our Wednesday night show and he’s featured on “Sheltered” on our album, “Church”.

I also worked with Craig, Joy, Tom, and Mike on Joe Lee’s album, “Bopping At The Forest”, at Blues Fest, Jazz Thursday, and Bebopalooza.

Mike Overall passed in 2014. I can’t tell you how much I learned from him when I was recording the Jazz Alliance “Partly Cloudy” album.

As always I will post links to all this great music at the Something Blue website,

Ok now, recorded on May 23, 2013, at KASU Jazz Thursday here’s Giant Steps playing “Tangerine”.

Giant Steps Live At KASU Jazz Thursday May 23 2013
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Bebop Beatniks – Church

Joe Lee – Bopping At The Forest

The Swing Band Project Live at Newport Country Club on 2011-06-14

Jazz Alliance – Partly Cloudy


And that’s Giant Steps playing “Tangerine” at KASU Jazz Thursday. Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00, to hear more from Giant Steps, Joe Lovano, and Steve Swallow.

DJ Hairy Larry With Steve Swallow Playing Second Handy Motion
Something Blue – Reflections – 29 second spot

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