Submit Your Music

Something Blue is all about the internet. I try to turn most of my shows into podcasts. So if you have original songs or public domain covers and it’s cool for me to post them on Delta Boogie and play them on Delta Boogie Radio send me an email and we’ll go from there. I can’t post covers on Delta Boogie. Because of copyright law I have to have the permission of the songwriter.

It doesn’t have to be Blues. I play Blues, Jazz and American Roots music including Rock and Roll, Country, and Folk. If it doesn’t crunch and it’s not too poppy I might play it.

My other main source for songs for the shows is the Live Music Archive. So if you have songs already posted at send me a link and I’ll give it a listen.

I tape live music for the Live Music Archive all the time. If you are interested in having me tape your live show or if you already have concert recordings and you want me to help you get them posted let me know.

I also record original music for my indie label HairyLarryLand.

So send me an email. Inquiring ears want to hear.


Hairy Larry