Something Blue – Breathe – May 23, 2020

This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’re featuring Ashley Henry, Sunna Gunnlaugs, and Adam Deitch. For more about the show visit the Something Blue website at

Adam Deitch (Lettuce) Live at BAS3 CAMP on 2020-05-09

Sunna Gunnlaugs – The Dream

Ashley Henry – Beautiful vinyl Hunter

Ashley Henry – Ahmed

Welcome to Something Blue. I’m Hairy Larry and I’ve got the blues, for you.

Sunna Gunnlaugs – Tunnel Vision

All right now, that’s Sunna Gunnlaugs playing “Tunnel Vision” from her album, “The Dream”. Kicking us off tonight we heard Ashley Henry play “Ahmed” from his album, “Beautiful Vinyl Hunter”. We’re featuring some great contemporary jazz piano tonight.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the internet at

I’m Hairy Larry, host of Something Blue. Visit the Something Blue website at to listen anytime and for clickable links to more music by the featured artists.

Now here’s Ashley Henry playing “Cranes (In the Sky)” and “Dark Honey (4TheStorm)”. Then we will hear Sunna Gunnlaugs do “Anima”.

Ashley Henry – Cranes (In the Sky)
Ashley Henry – Dark Honey (4TheStorm)
Sunna Gunnlaugs – Anima

On May 7th to 9th musicians in lockdown played at a virtual festival, a fundraiser for Cervantes Masterpiece, a live music venue in Denver, Colorado. On Saturday, May 9, Adam Deitch performed “Breathe” a song he wrote to help support Cervantes Masterpiece. Adam Deitch plays in Lettuce and Break Science. He’s solo here playing drums, beats, samples and original music. Here he is now with “Breathe”.

Adam Deitch, Breathe

And that’s Adam Deitch playing “Breathe”.

Something Blue is broadcast on KASU, 91.9 FM and streaming on the internet at

Thanks to Bandcamp at and the Live Music Archive at for hosting the songs we’re hearing tonight. Closing the show here’s Adam Dietch continueing his performace.

Adam Deitch, Song2

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