From The Archive February 21, 2021 – Hairy Larry – “Even Dozen”

Thanks Marty, I’ve got a song today recorded right here at ASU.

I was taking composition from Dr. Tacke working on an algorithmic composition technique where I repeated a rhythmic motif in the left hand as a way of adding variety and to produce a unique comping rhythm. This worked out well so I added a melody for the piano as well as trumpet and bass parts. I recruited jazz students to play the piece, Tyler Worsham, piano; Hunter Durham, trumpet; and Tyler Montgomery, bass; all excellent musicians. We rehearsed the song once and then played it at Dr. Tacke’s Composition Seminar.

Ok, here’s that performance now, recorded at Arkansas State University on November 13, 2015. I call the piece “Even Dozen”.


And that’s Tyler Worsham, Hunter Durham, and Tyler Montgomery playing a song I wrote called “Even Dozen” recorded right here at ASU on November 13, 2015.

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