From The Archive July 25, 2021 – Grant Garland – “Somethin’ ’bout The Way You Smiled”

Thanks Marty. This week on From The Archives Of Something Blue we’ve got a song recorded at KASU Blue Monday way back in 2009.

Grant Garland brought an amazing band to Blue Monday in Newport on September 14, 2009. Grant played guitar and sang, Rob Alley was on trumpet, Derek Doyle on bass, and Ben White, drums. Grant and Derek are from Arkansas. Rob Alley taught at ASU. They played a great show including standards and a few originals from Grant’s 2009 release that he called “Grant Garland”.

I new Derek and Rob well, I recorded them and even played with them occasionally. But this was my first chance to hear Grant play and he knocked me out. I am so glad that I got good recordings of this show, the musicianship was exquisite.

Now here’s Grant Garland singing a song he wrote called “Somethin’ ’bout The Way You Smiled” recorded at KASU Blue Monday on September 14, 2009.

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